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Silver Hakai [userpic]
New Worlds 4 in Photos
by Silver Hakai (silverhakai)
at July 22nd, 2006 (06:28 am)

current mood: busy

It's been a week since New Worlds 4.

Too bad I don't have a digicam, and I basically ran around all over the place doing (what else) floor support & head gopher.  But it was a very fun event.  And while everyone was recuperating from conventionitis, yung iba talagang walang kapaguran and so they uploaded all their pics.  And, not satisfied with that, they posted links!  Yay for me!  ^________^

Pics from Mark

Pics from Nina

Pics from Karen Kristie

Pics from Dekya

Pics from Mama Gee

Pics from Kasuy

Pics from Gigi

Pics from Yeo

Pics from Allan

Pics from Ava

Pics from Cessie

Pics from Gabe

Pics from Lizzie

Um, that's about it for now methinks.

Of course, I'll update as soon as I get new updates as well.

Did I mention there were a group of people who came as Sang'gres?  ;P